Monday, 10 September 2018

"Become The Person You Fear"



here are times throughout life when something doesn’t feel right. You can’t seem to put your finger on it but you know it exists. Have you ever felt this way? You probably have and it is normal to feel this way as we get older. It feels like there is something not quite right about our working, social and/or personal life and we want to burst out of our skin and do something different. Becoming the person you fear, is the story for you and we will take a journey together that will provide interesting thoughts and questions. Finally, you will write your own personalized self-help book that is tailored to your needs.
The world is ours for the taking but sometimes we get so caught up in a routine and being responsible that we forget the true meaning of what it is to live. We are also on a trajectory to our final stand and seem to waste our time instead of utilizing this great resource. What once seemed the ideal life is now a nightmare of never ending bills, too much information and a society that has gone a little mad. It is hard to take a breath, stop and take inventory of our lives when these types of things are going on. This book will help you to stop and think about life’s most important things and steer you towards becoming a better person.
Have you ever wanted to pursue an idea you have had? The chapters on thinking, planning and visualization will break down the walls of fear, pull apart your idea into pieces and help you make a plan of attack. From here, there will be chapters on how to challenge yourself, become a better you and curing fear. Throughout the book we want to “become the person you fear”, in a good way not a sinister way. We want to strive to innovate, motivate and push ourselves from where we are, to where we want to go in the shortest space of time and achieve what we want to achieve.
Sometimes getting into this way of life is not an easy thing and pressures persist. There is a chapter on get your affairs in order that will help you get back on track with your life and give you the tools to motivate yourself further. The chapter on simplifying your life will help you sort through what is important and what you can do without, and the chapter on finding small successes help you along the path to achieving results one step at a time so you are not discouraged by the enormity that some challenges can present.
Change is never easy and this book will start you on that journey to become the person you fear. However, after reading the chapter on infinite time you may redefine your busy life and start thinking of your time as an extremely valuable resource instead of one that is for sale to the lowest bidder. From here there is a chapter aimed at stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring the option you have always wanted to.

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